trouble adding notes to match a measure

• Feb 22, 2024 - 10:04

I'm trying to recreate this measure:

GI part.png

These are my two efforts:

GI part muse.png

In my first measure, I'm trying to add the first C on the base clef, but I can't get it to add it. In my second attempt, I recreated the measure from scratch and was able to add the first C on the base clef (not sure why the notes don't line up like in the original). But, when I try to add the A in my second attempt, I'm also not able to add that.

Attached is my score. This is measure 22.

I don't know if it helps that when I first opened the file, Musescore said it was corrupt, but it still opened.


Attachment Size
Grand Illusion.mscz 64.79 KB


You seem to have used the cross-staff feature to move the A halfnote (which is actually in voice 1 of the lower stave) into the upper stave and also the quarter note A and the following dotted eighth and sixteenth. You should have put them in voice 2 on the upper staff. The final eighth B and A should be in voice 1 in the upper stave - replacing the rest that is currently there.

Everything on the lower staff is currently in voice 2. It can and should be in voice1 once you have entered the notes that are currently in voice 1 of that stave into their correct voices of the upper stave.

See here for how you should use voices.

And here for how you should use cross staff notation (you don't want this in your situation)

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