Just some general thoughts on keeping mouse and keyboard note input just the way they are.

• Feb 24, 2024 - 01:10

I have been reading the posts about disabling the mouse for note input while using keyboard input. I have some thoughts on that. But because I'm a mouser, my thoughts probably would mean much. So I'll post here on the outside chance someone is interested.

The current setup may not be perfect. I doubt any setup is. The case has been made that the mouse and the keyboard are similar input devices. Not sure I can agree. It has been stated that it is annoying to have to hit "esc" to be able to use the mouse as a pointing device after using the keyboard for note input. Not sure why you wouldn't hit "N" instead. Never mind that mousers have to hit "N" to get in and out of note input.

It is pretty clear that MuseScore is setup to work best with keyboard entry. After all, that is the fastest input method. And speed is more important than anything. I get it. That carries over to the Drum palette. I hate that so much that I don't hardly write for drums anymore. If I would just learn keyboard entry, everything would be better. I write for my own enjoyment or videos. Speed isn't important. But I digress.
I'm not sure how hard it is to remember to hit "N" to use the mouse as a pointer.

If I had a list of things I wanted changed, one of them would be to be able to click and add a not on any beat of a measure. Without having to add rests first. If I add a note on beat four of an empty measure, rests would be automatically added. Other software does this and for a mouser, it is a real time saver. But every time someone brings it up, it gets down played.

So sure come up with a way to disable mouse note input. Hopefully it won't make a mess of mouse input now.

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