note input - Q and W buttons - prefer MS3

• Mar 3, 2024 - 11:58

I might be a sucker for this, but one tiny thing has stopped me switching from MuseScore 3 to MuseScore 4.

I am so used to the input that I can change the duration of notes in Note Input mode by simply using arrow keys to navigate to that note, then pressing Q/W keys, instead of pressing the Q/W keys FIRST and having to retype the note. I almost never use the number keys and don't remember what they correspond all the time.

Scenario: in Note Input mode, typing E (in default crotchets), pressing left to return to that note, pressing Q to make it a quaver.
MS3: [E] -> [left] -> [Q]
MS4: [E] -> [left] -> [Q](to change note input value of new note) -> [E](as a quaver)
Scenario: I proceed to type F# as a quaver, realising afterwards that I wanted a crotchet.
MS3: [F] -> up -> [W]
MS4: [F] -> up -> [W] -> [F] -> [up](sharp again because the F is inserted as a F natural)

It may seem redundant on a single note, but when transcribing/composing and needing to switch note values quickly, I find it so much harder having to redefine the duration of the new note before I type the note, hence making MuseScore 3 still my preference, considering I can open MS3 files in MS4 anyways. I want to integrate into MS4 but this has been stopping me from doing so.

I am aware this might have been answered before but I couldn't seem to find such thread. Please let me know if there are any solutions to this or other clarifications required!


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