Add Automatic Musician Breath Effects to Muse Sounds

• Mar 4, 2024 - 13:15

I've been having so many discussions with some of my friends who also have experiences in composing/arranging, and that discussion was of course about Breath Effects coming from commercial libraries that mostly support them within the notes outside the instrument ranges, so I was actually thinking that there should be an extra feature in Muse Sounds where we can hear automatic breath effects coming from almost all the instruments. I'd say they should occur within a measure or 2 beats before the start of the note playback. I think the Percussion, Keys, Acoustic Guitars and Harp should actually have Musician Movements while multiple notes are still playing, while the Winds, Brass, and Strings do their usual breathing almost at the start of every note possible.


Sounds like a good option for added realism. I use PianoTeq Classical Guitar as a VST plugin with MS3 and it has a setting to control the amount of fret noise produced and it's a nice touch.

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