Dynamics/Hairpins/some text does not transfer from main score to parts, especially transposing instruments

• Mar 4, 2024 - 21:33

Many of the hairpins have not transferred in the parts of this file, particularly if the instrument is a transposing instrument. Most of the concert pitch instrument dynamics transferred into the parts just fine. Any changes in text also did not transfer to parts. I noted some system text, which transferred. However, when I had to make a change to that very same system text in the main score, the changes did not take place in the parts - the old unchanged text remained.



There are a number of sync issues with the main score and parts.

Is this related? https://musescore.org/en/node/361348

Importantly, are you able to recreate this issue from scratch, starting with a new score? If so providing the exact steps would be very useful in unraveling the cause.


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Yes, it is the exact same issue described in the example you referenced. This was a brand new file started in 4.2.1.
There are no overly interesting exact steps. I work in concert pitch. Some parts have dynamics placed as I work through the part in the concert pitch full score; others have dynamics added when the concert pitch full score is done. I flip to transposed full score so that I can check the parts. When I open a part (almost exclusively the transposing instruments, including guitar) the hairpins are gone. Some of them were missing in the non-transposing instruments as well, but trombones came through with flying colors - almost all hairpins were present.
I needed to correct system text, which I did in the main (transposed) score. Corrections to this system text did not stick - wasn't there in the parts - the old original text I was trying to correct remained in the parts. I went back to the (transposed - I never go back to concert pitch once I'm working in transposed) main full score, deleted the system text instead of changing it. The old system text I was trying to correct remained in the parts and ALSO the new corrected system text that I replaced it with in the main score. I also save quite religiously, and always after any significant fixes/changes; literally every 1 or 2 minutes.

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