Piano Tutorial mode

• Mar 11, 2024 - 20:48

This may be a musescore.com question: Punch me if it doesn't belong here. I uploaded a little score for violin and piano and/or guitar. For the guitar, I added chord symbols (not tab.) I went into piano tutorial mode and I could select either the violin part, the piano part, or both. So far so good. When playing it with both parts selected, I noticed some bass notes the same color as the violin notes. What?? When I selected ONLY the violin part (dimmed the piano part) it played the violin part I wrote plus those bass notes that don't belong there. I'm guessing it's trying to play the roots of the guitar chords or something. I wish it wouldn't. Guitar should have it's own part if it's going to do that! (Yes I usually set chord symbols to play when I create the score in MuseScore.) Maybe I'll mute them and see if that helps??? I didn't upload the file because I think this might be a musescore.com question.

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