Inserting tuplets in Rhythm Input?

• Apr 3, 2024 - 22:37

As the title says, I can't manage to find a fast way to create tuplets in Rhythm Input mode. Am I missing something?


Fastest way I know is to use the keyboard shortcuts. This works in ANY type of staff, including percussion. For this example, we will create quintuplets filling the space of a half note:

Select the point at which you want to enter notes and hit "N" to activate note entry mode.
Hit the number corresponding to the FULL LENGTH of the tuplet. The full length of our tuplet is a half note, so press the "6" key.
Now hit Ctrl+[the number of divisions you want]. Since we're doing quintuplets, hit Ctrl+5.
You'll see rests in the tuplet bracket.
Type the letter names of the notes you want. Percussion is usually "A" and sometimes "B".

So, another example, septuplets filling the space of 3 eighth notes:

5. [set the current note duration to a dotted quarter, equal to three eighth notes]
Ctrl+7 [septuplets]

One thing: you must set the note duration to the exact length you want the tuplet to last. If, for example, you wanted a tuplet to last for the length of a half note plus an eighth note, there is no single note that has that duration. So, what you can do to get around this limitation is to set a measure to last the length you wanted. For example, set the measure to be five eighths and set the next measure to be three eights. Now the whole measure rest lasts for the desired half note plus eighth note and you can create the tuplet. Then join the 5/8ths and 3/8ths measures to make a whole 4/4 measure.

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