Musescore Crashing on Open, Linux

• Apr 5, 2024 - 01:57

On my fresh install of Manjaro Gnome, musescore keeps crashing. This, aswell as some other issues caused me to reinstall recently, and the other issues have not persisted, leading me to believe that this is an issue with musescore itself, but i'm not an expert in this sort of thing. I tried installing through the AUR directly at first, but when that didn't work I removed it and tried with the app image and the appimage launcher tool available on the AUR. I then tried following the guide in the handbook, which also didn't seem to work.

What happens when I run the file on all three installation methods, is the "getting started" window pops up, but none of the content, or even background (It is a transparent window except for the top bar), and then It promptly crashes and dies. It should also be noted that before the reinstall, it wouldn't even get to that point. I would just see the cursor loading wheel, and then it would stop and nothing would happen, so at least something is happening now. If anyone is having a similar issue and has found a fix that would be lovely, cause I really do quite like musescore and want to keep using it

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It would be helpful if you got a log of what is going on. Here are “approximate” instructions.

Let’s assume you have an appimage in the Downloads directory and use the -d option to be in debug mode, to show more messages.

(Open a terminal window)
~/Downloads/ -d

(Use the correct file name, not my example name). You will have more info here and lots of warnings/errors in general. Not all of them important. (Edit out syslog comment). At least a photo of the ending part of the log gives you something to show.

People use MuseScore and arch Linux, so Manjaro should work. I use Ubuntu/AppImage.

If no one here can help, then post the log during program execution to the GitHub site.

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So in retrospect you are totally right, that original message was not very helpful and I apologize for that, but something a little annoying happened. I went to go do that, and after making the appimage an executable, I wasn't able to run the appimage from the terminal, but when I went to run it from the appimage launcher, it totally works now. Lets hope it stays like that and doesn't return on its own. Thank you for your suggestion though!

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