Is it possible to add an 8va alta line to only the top notes of a part?

• Apr 6, 2024 - 15:28

I have a guitar part that I am working on and I want the top notes to be played up and octave while still having the low E string being plucked and held for most of the bar. I can bring the top notes down so they are legible and use the 8va line to have them played where I want them. But then it puts an 8 above each note. Is there a way to keep the low E ringing through the measure, and have the top part indicated with an 8va alta line?
Here's a couple of screenshots

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It looks like not (but I'm not sure about this!!!)

From what I can see in some quick research, the ottava line raises everything in the clef up/down an octave. The numeral 8 only raises the specific note. So, MuS is using it correctly in raising the low E as well as the high notes. I don't see a way to do what you want.

If you used the ottava line, it would be incorrect (strictly speaking!) to play the low E ... unless you moved the E note down ANOTHER octave :-) NOT what you want, I suspect.

For me, 2 solutions : 1 by using 2 staves ,1 on treble key G, 2 in bass key in F

2nd solution, on 1 stave , only treblekey :write the whole sheet 1 octave lower , write at the begining for the player what you want . The high notes become easier readable , and the bass note, almost only a E , it becomes a low E under the stave, but the player will be able to read it

Thanks one and all! I had already come to the same conclusion ad Raymond Wicquart's second suggestion. I put a little note in there telling the guitarist to play all those low E's on the open E string. It seemed to be the most eloquent and clearest method to assure the player would play what was written.
Thanks again!

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