Changing Chord Display

• Apr 9, 2024 - 17:02

I have an MusicXML chord sheet exported from iReal and I'm try to change chords from Absolute (eg Dm) to key relative (eg ii), but changing the style makes no difference. I select the chord and change style as you do for note headstyle for example. I've searched the UI

Looking through the docs I can only find info on entering, not changing.

I'm getting a horrid feeling that chords are just text with no data attached? But if so why the appropriate styles?


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Thanknfor confirming is just text.

My aim is to display relative (roman) chord symbols for an inportedcfile. It seems MusicXml only supports absolute pitches as far as I can tell (ditto the coming mnx) but as the key signature is known I was hoping musescore would figure it out so I don't have to hand edit everything. I don't think I could edit the musicxml ti use roman which would be a bit easier.

On further thought it can't quite as the key signature doesnt define the tonic eg C major or A minor or any other mode.

As far as I can tell the tonic is never defined anywhere, leaving it up to interpretation.

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