Karnatic Music Ties to Single Note

• Apr 10, 2024 - 17:34

Hi all!
I'm writing an exercise to practice karnatic music, and my doubt is the next:
I've written down everything in triplets and sometimes instead of a tie that goes over the triplet I would rather have a single note for lecture reasons.
Example 1: Instead of an 8th note tie to a quarter note, I much rather have a doted quarter note.
Example 2 and 3: Instead of two 8th notes, I much rather have one quarter note.

Happens the same when a note goes over the 8th note subdivision within the bar, can I also change it?

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If I understand what you want, it can't be done. For example, you can't attach a triplet to the first or second half of a quarter note, only to the eighth notes.

This would be explicitly incorrect in Western notation. (I know nothing of Karnatic notation except that it exists :-) Since MuS is for Western notation, I do not believe that this is possible.

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