Cannot access score!!

• Apr 11, 2024 - 05:20

Using the musescore app on my MacBook, I've been working on a score for many days. It seems I created the score while not logged into a account, which I have done many times before. Suddenly today when I tried to open the score, it said I must sign in or create an account to open the score. When I signed in, it said that the score was not attached to that profile so I could not open it. When I logged back out and hit the option "create a free count to access score" and made a new account under a different email, it said the score was not attached to that account so I could not open it. The problem is, the score is not attached to any account, but when I try to access it when I am not logged in, it will not allow me in.


Did you save the score locally on your Macbook at first? In that case, try to find the file in your file manager.

If that isn't the case and the score is somehow saved to the cloud, let's try another thing. Cloud scores are also saved locally on your device in a somewhat hidden location.

  1. Open Musescore.
  2. Go to Diagnostic > System > Show paths in the menu.
  3. Locate userAppDataPath: in the list and double-click on it.
  4. Your file manager, Finder, should open. You'll see a folder called cloud_scores. Open it.
  5. This folder contains your cloud scores. Try to find the one you are looking for by opening one at a time or by looking at when it was last modified.

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