Can't finger cross-staff beamed chord; top menu shortcuts don't work consistently

• Apr 16, 2024 - 19:05

Two issues:
(1) I'm unable to add fingering to the first chord (in the treble staff) of a cross-staff chord (the chord is on beat 4 of measure 1 of attachment).
(2) When I use shortcuts to access the top menu, e.g. to add fingering automatically, I press Alt, then A (for "Add"). So far, so good. But when I press T (for Text), nothing happens (I'm not taken to the Text submenu). I'm using Windows 10. If I use the mouse to get to the Text submenu, the shortcuts won't work there either (i.e. "F" won't take me to fingering).

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MS Issue 4-16-24.mscz 36.75 KB


Something weird is happening.

I tried putting fingering on this chord and got different results each time I tried. Once it displayed the fingering correctly as I was typing it, but it disappeared as soon as I moved to the next chord. Another time I could see it making the space for the characters, but nothing displayed ... although the cursor moved when I typed. Still another time it typed a single number for the three-note chord and then moved on: did this whether I had a single note or all three notes selected.

This was not connected to the cross-staff notes. It did the same things when I deleted the entire chord and re-created it on the bass clef staff.

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