Selecting 'Stacatto' on toolbar doesn't add dot to score

• Apr 17, 2024 - 17:48

When entering notes onto a score using a MIDI keyboard, the selected 'Stacatto' doesn't appear on the score.

Steps to reproduce -
[1] Select - Default (step time) note input
[2] Any note duration - eg Crochet
[3] Click on button for Stacatto articulation so it is highlighted
[4] Play a note on a connected MIDI keyboard eg middle C

Expected outcome is that a crotchet note C is added to the score with a dot above to indicate it is to be played stacatto.

PROBLEM: The note is added but the stacatto dot is missing. Please see the attached screenshot where you can see my selections and the added note with the missing dot above.

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I don't use a MIDI keyboard for input, but the steps you describe do add a staccato dot when using a computer keyboard to insert the note. Does it work with MIDI keyboard input if you choose the staccato with the shortcut Shift+S ?

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No, Shift+S has the same effect as clicking the button on the toolbar with a mouse, it just turns it on/off. With the button turned on, inputting notes with the mouse or computer keyboard does add the note with the stacatto dot.

My bug report specifically describes inputting notes using a MIDI keyboard, this does not add the stacatto dot

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