Manually separating parts

• Apr 22, 2024 - 15:21

Hi, I'm currently editing sheet music to manually separate parts. I know this isn't probably the quickest or easiest way but I basically created a new piece and copied and pasted my parts in each staff and deleted the other harmony parts on each line. (I hope that makes sense)

Is there a way to get rid of the upper rests left over from the other parts on my staff? There are still notes there, and it lets me delete the lower rests on the higher part but for the life of me, I can't get the upper rests to delete. I know it doesn't affect the sound but it just looks messy and I'd love to be able to give my vocalists clean sheet music (hence me breaking up the sheet music in general)


What are upper and lower rests?
I assume you mean the rests of voice 1 (colored blue when selected) - they are always present and cannot be deleted. But you can hide them.
The better way is to move all notes to voice 1 (if possible - we can't see your score) and then delete the rests of voice 2 (colored green).

The "upper and lower rests" are from the different Voices. The rests from Voice 1 cannot be deleted. Depending on your original score, it's likely that your best bet would be to use the "Explode" function. Second best, since you've already got the different Voices copied into separate staves, use the Tools / Voices tool to switch the one you want into Voice 1 in each staff. For more info on Voices, see

Do remember that singers will likely expect to see all voices on two staves (e.g., SA and TB) or four staves, along with at least the main line of the accompaniment (e.g. piano) if there is any.

Again, without seeing your score, it's hard to know just what you're doing.

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