changing velocity for chosen notes in MS4

• May 2, 2024 - 12:05

Is there currently a feature in MS4 that allows changing velocity of chosen notes on the score? I often run into this dilema: you have most parts on the staff in 'mf', then you change some measures to 'mp' and those 'mp' ones sound too quiet. You can fix it by adding volume to the whole staff - all 'mf' measures will sound a bit louder, but that's okay. However, later when yet need to change some other measure to 'f', you feel that they are too loud, so you lower down the staff overall volume - only to make those 'mp' measures then sound too quiet again! Is it like creating hidden staves is going to be the only solution here?


What have you learned from the Handbook on this and where does its advice fall short, in your opinion? What have you tried so far and what limitations have you come across?

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@Ben Lindeboom:
-- Thank you, but, unless I misunderstand something, it doesn't work. I choose notes, then click on "Properties" and then on "Velocity" and click the downpointing arrow to lower the velocity from 64 to 44. Then I play back those notes and they are just as loud as they were before :( It only works on SoundFonts MS Basic, but it doesn't work on Muse Sounds.

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