Apparently random movement of staves

• May 3, 2024 - 20:34


Maybe you can help me with the following issue:
Since I updated to musescore 4 it happens a lot, that the stave arrangement is changed in a confusing way.
Some examples:
I change the Titel of the tune in the box on top of the page -> all staves jump down by about a centimeter
I change a note by pressing the up-arrow on the keyboard, e.g. f to g, -> all staves jump down by 1,5 cm
I move a volta up a bit -> all staves jump up or down (initial: aaa1, move bottom 2. volta up 1 bit (keyboard arrow up) -> aaa2; move upper 1. volta up 1 bit -> aaa3)

Between bbb1 and bbb2 i clicked on the box on the top and pushed the up-arrow once. Box size reduces (as it should) and simultaneously the staves jump down.

This happens in every document, no matter what settings I have.
It is also not always reproducible. Sometimes it works just as it should and suddenly the stave jump again.
That is why I called in "random" in the title.

I use the version for MacOS, musescore version

Is it just me?

Thank you!

Added an exemplary mscz file.
Second question: Sometimes, when adding gracenotes (embellishments) they are shifted by one note (also in this mscz file). How comes? The key signature is always the same in my files.

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So no one had this problem but still I want to share the good news:
Seems to be fixed with version 4.3

Thank you very much!

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