musescore 4 does not want to let me open my score

• May 8, 2024 - 06:12

I created a score a couple hours ago and then closed the app and when I wanted to open the score again it says that musescore can not read the file and that it was made using a newer version of Musescore. I then tried to look for an update and even redownloaded the app and I keep getting the same message. Please may someone help me.


At the very least you should attach the file in question here. They will look at it, probably figure out what is wrong and possibly fix it.
We can't help you without the file.

When you click on your file, does the program launch? If so, click on Help >About MuseScore Studio to check that the correct version of MuseScore is running. And, yes, post the .MSCZ file.

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