Interesting Rhythm

• May 9, 2024 - 01:22

Hey everyone, so three and a half years ago someone gave me this screenshot of a couple measures off of the Musescore website:

interesting rhythm.png

I've been trying to figure out how this got made, because it seems like there's some sort of error in the first measure. I tried re-creating it myself and it looks like this:

error in rhythm.PNG

I don't remember the name of the piece anymore, and the other person and I are no longer on speaking terms. Just wanted to know how the first image was made.


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I've been trying to understand this one for two days and I finally got it into my thick skull.

If OP wants it to match the original, they want to set a 5:4 tuplet, which will be dotted 8th notes (because there are 4 dotted 8th notes in a bar of 3/4 and the music wants 5 notes). If they want it to be more readable (at least in your and my opinion :-), they want to use a 5:3 tuplet, which will be quarter notes (because there are 3 quarter notes in that same 3/4 measure).

In either case, the rhythm is the same: the dotted half note (the full length of a measure of 3/4) divided into 5 equal notes.

I kept thinking that the two tuplets would have slightly different rhythms. I finally got it when I realized that the same total amount of time (1 measure) is divided into 5, whichever way it's displayed.

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