Identifying Notation and Moving Bracket

• May 10, 2024 - 20:05

Hi everyone,

I'm working on transcribing a score with some unfamiliar elements.

  1. Notation before first bar: There's a short passage before the first full bar that seems like an introduction. Can anyone tell me the specific name for this type of notation?

  2. Moving bracket: I'd like to move the bracket after this first passage like in the image (the one with the C clefs and notes), but it keeps snapping to the beginning of the system. How can I adjust the bracket's position as shown in the attached image?


Any help with these questions would be greatly appreciated!


Use the properties panel while the bracket is selected to disable autoplace. Then try again. Tho I’m sure there’s a better way to show these, this is how you would move the bracket.
Not quite sure what it’s called, but I’ve read about it somewhere

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Changing the bracket's Offset appears to have no effect whatsoever. When I change it the bracket does not move at all.

In the Handbook, says that ...

If you select a bracket/brace, you can edit its properties in the Properties panel (sidebar).

  • Column: Moves the bracket inwards/outwards.
  • Span: Extends or retracts the end of the bracket/brace.

Changing the Span value adjusts a bracket to connect more or fewer staves. Changing the Column value "Moves the bracket inwards/outwards" among multiple brackets.

I tried adding a text bracket, but it would only go to 99pt, which was only enough to cover 2 systems ... and OP wants 5.

Since you would not want this incipit (is that right?) to play, I'm gonna guess that you might be able to build it--with text characters--in a horizontal frame (as hamsandwichnow suggested). This would make the normal placement of the bracket come after the frame, thus making it look like OP's image.

I might be able to try this tomorrow, but right now it's time for bed. :-)

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