PDF Not Working

• May 12, 2024 - 08:00

I tried importing these PDFs into Musescore 4 but whenever I try to import them they show up as "Unsuccessful" I don't see anything wrong with the PDFs can anybody find the issue for me?


Your file is too large. The print or scan you provided doesn't even fit on an A0 paper size (841 x 1189 mm = 84.1" x 118.90")!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The first thing I did was, in Acrobat reader, to print to an A4 sized paper size. If you are in the US, select e.g. Letter. Print in this case means I printed to pdf using the Windows provided printer "Print to PFF". Of you are on another OS, you use what you have. Overall, it's completely unnecessary to provide something "better" than a 300 dpi to Audiveris.

Then I ran the stand alone version of Audiveris wich in fact is the same engine used by MS in their Import function but web-based.

No problem whatsoever, see attachments. I attach the reduced piece, the xml-version coming from Audiveris and the MS file. NB I'm using MS 4.3 so if you don't have that, you have to open the XML file instead. No corrections performed except removed some system breaks in the MS version.

MuseScore uses Audiveris for OMR. I use it too, but I use a locally installed version. This provides some more information, including what needs to be corrected. Unfortunately, it is not easy to use.

In this case, it reports that the image size is way too big! The paper size of your PDF files is 105 cm x 148 cm and therefore much too large for Audiveris!
So I printed it again with my PDF printer, and then the paper size is only A4 (~ 21 cm x 29.7 cm). This is a usable resolution for Audiveris.

Attached you will find the result of my Audiveris output as xml. I have made some corrections in Audiveris, but there are still some things that need to be corrected. Especially staccato dots and some slurs. You have to compare the result exactly with the template.

I have also attached the reduced PDF files. You can try your luck again with these files ...

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