Unrolling a repeat

• May 14, 2024 - 00:24

Here's one more vote for an "unroll" tool in Musescore 4.


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??? When I've exported to MP3 and/or MIDI, the repeats do get "unrolled". I had understood the people wanting an "Unroll Repeats" function wanted to have the repeats "unrolled" in the score? [Isn't that what the old function used to do in version 2 or 3 (wherever it was)?]

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"Unroll repeats" was one of the many, many Mu3 features which got lost or postponed when Mu4 was being developed.

Read the Github discussions:
Reinstate "Tools > Unroll repeats"
"Unroll repeats" vs. "Expand repeats"

And (sorry to be flippant) you have to admire Tantacrul's comment about Issue #9670 from March 2023:
"Also, please don't poke us on issues. We have logged the issue and take stock of the total number when deciding what to work on. Poking us serves to waste our time responding with explanations. We'll get to it. I'm locking comments to prevent any more time wastage."

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