Adding symbols

• May 15, 2024 - 03:56

How do I add symbols for say, crotchet ( 1/4 note)=crotchet or minim ( 1/2 note) = crotchet in a new time signature

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For those who would like a bit more detail, the required symbols are available in the Tempo palette:

In older music editions you may see "new tempo duration = previous tempo duration". But the modern convention is always "previous tempo duration = new tempo duration".

In most text fields, double-click on the text and click in the field at the place you want to type the new characters (or use right- and left-arrow to move the cursor there). Go to the Properties tab at upper left. You'll find Insert special characters in the Text section under "Alignment".

If you don't see it, click elsewhere and then click back into the text.

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