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• May 19, 2024 - 10:50

When I click directly on the File menu, the File menu does not open. You must click on the edit menu and return to the file menu for it to open.


I can't replicate this. When I click on "File", the File menu opens. I can open the File menu as you described, but I don't have to.

What operating system are you running? Which version of MuS? (Help / About MuseScore)

Is MuS maximized? If so, try restoring it to a sized window and see what happens. If not, maximize it or move the window and see what happens?

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Do you mean "Full Screen", which is an option of the MuS application? Or do you mean "Maximized", which is a Windows option? They end up with a similar appearance, but they have different effects.

I am able to click the File menu whether MuS is "Full Screen" or "Maximized", or both or neither.

What about other applications? For example, MS Office applications (and lots of others!) have a "system menu" in the far upper left corner (with options like "Restore", "Move", "Size", "Maximize", "Minimize", "Close"). When you have, say, Word or Excel open and maximized, can you click that system menu?

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The problem is the same in full screen (F11) or in full window.
I have two screens on the PC, if I change the Windows configuration to single screen the problem disappears and the file menu works correctly.
I didn't have this problem with musescore OS: MuseScore version (64-bit):, revision: 3224f34

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