Maintain note color during playback

• May 20, 2024 - 17:09

For educational purposes, I manually changed the non-diatonic notes in my sheet music to RED and during playback, I want these notes to remain RED and not change to the default blue. Is this possible? I also tried tricks like moving the non-diatonic notes to a different voice, but that didn't work because of all the rests that get added.


Switching to another voice is probably the only option. You can hide the rests of voice 1 ("v", and deactivate "View -> Show invisible") and the remaining rests of voices 2-4 can be deleted.

But isn't it too late when the notes with the changed color are played? The musician should look at the next note(s) beforehand and I think this is sufficient. Otherwise you have to do both, coloring and changing the voice.

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