Why doesn't the bend feature work!?

• May 22, 2024 - 18:32

And if it doesn't, then what the fck do I do!? a common feature that was in good ol MS3 and not in...crap MS 4. I'm sick and tired of the people who work on the updates that don't add these old features back and instead work on pretty useless garbage.


You'll get better results if you don't insult the people you are asking for assistance.

There have been several detailed threads about this issue over the past ~2-3 months. Search or scroll through the forum posts to find them.

Short version: bends only work on the MuseSounds guitars, not on MS Basic guitars. There are four types of bends available in the Guitar palette. Only three of them actually cause something to change in playback. I don't remember off-hand which of them does not do so. Experiment a little to find out. In my opinion, the Full bend is the most useful one.

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