Features Regarding the Marching Percussion Sounds on The Hub

• May 24, 2024 - 10:41

The Marching Percussion on the hub I'm sure will be awesome!

However, I was wondering if someone has made plans to include sounds where you hit the snare at various parts of the drums.

Also, it would be outstanding if they had the sounds without the snare. For those who have actually played in a marching drumline, you know there is a lever you can push to "turn off the snare." It would be great to have those sounds in those marching percussion sounds.

Not to mention, you can make drum sounds at various spots as you hold the snare drum with your hand on the drum.


First, NOT a drummer. But, at least from the point of view of MuS, isn't a snare drum with the snare turned off, just a tom? Certainly the sound will be similar, even if not identical.

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A great question, indeed.

Depending on the snare, the settings, it depends!

Those who have had the experience working with percussion in a marching band and concert band know and hear these differences when they practice. To me, they have a more "hallow" sound then your typical tom.

Here are videos I found with some thrown in for fun!

Turn Your Snares Off

Snare Drum Quick Start Up Guide - How to turn the snares off

10 -- Playing With The Snares Off

Brooks Drum Co. Maple Stave Snare - Snares Off

Jo Jones' Trademark Snares Off Drumming

Caravan - Coleman Hawkins (drum solo by Jo Jones) 1964

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