Accent sharps an Alto Sax major 3 of A and C by a quarter tone, and weird unidentified note plays every four eighth notes played

• May 27, 2024 - 02:58

Latest version of msc4, i dont know whats causing this as im not well versed in this, but this issue is really bothering me cuz its being heard over other instruments

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Apologies, I forgot I can upload the weird section by itself
Edit 1: Specifically measure 4-5 i cant identify the sound that plays every 3 or so eighth notes but its definitely still present, the accent is also still sharp just like in the editor
Edit 2: looked into it a but more and it seems accents affect all the saxes, I am using Muse Woodwinds as MS Basic imo sounds terrible compared to MW

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I didn't mean a link to the website, your cloud storage.
Not everyone, like me, has a pro account there to download and examine what is wrong with this score. Indeed, I can hear the problem...
We need the mscz file attached here.

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It was alto 1 in measures 15 to 20? Especially the last chord in measure 20?
I can open your score in MuS 3.7, but I didn't find a wrong pitch there. So you need someone using MuS 4 to check it. Maybe it's a MuseSound problem.

The only idea I have: Select that measure, press Ctrl+R, and if those notes were accidentally dragged to a different staff (yes, that's possible without changing the pitch), then correct them by selecting them and using the arrow keys.
Enclosed are the saved scores from MuS 3.7. Is the wrong pitch still there?

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I'm pretty sure its just a MuseSound problem then, I opened the 3.7 ver and it was the same issue but switching it to MS Basic got rid of the extra sounds and weird sharp at the end. tested with other instruments and its really only a issue with a few Woodwinds in the Muse Woodwinds sounds.
Edit: and I did go check if it was in a diff staff by mistake and no it was still in the right one

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