VST3 not playing sound in 4.3.0 version

• May 27, 2024 - 12:56

Hello development team and everyone, I've been using version 4.2.0 and the vst was fine, (it can play the sound) but after I change PC and of course the available download is the newest version which is at current time is 4.3.0 but this time no single vst works. musescore isn't playing vst sounds. if anyone can help me to fix this, I already looked at the forum and couldn't find the fix. plus if it is not fixed yet, I want to downgrade to version 4.2.0 if anyone can help me with that.

thank you


I've found temporary fix with this issue
click view>mixer (or press F10) to open mixer. click the sound you have vst on and chose other instrument preferably the same instrument sound (for example if you use drumset vst, chose the msbasic for drumset) play the score once and pause, then open mixer again and change back the sound to the vst sound for that instrument

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