• May 28, 2024 - 10:51

I am not able to print a piano part with both Treble and Bass clefs. I end up with two piano parts, one Treble and the other Bass clef.
I am using MuseScore 4.3.
How can I resolve this?


That's because you have created 2 piano's in your score, one with a single treble clef stave and one with a single base clef stave. You should have created one piano. with 2 staves.

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Bill, you may not like the answer already given, but it's true. In your score you have two separate Piano instruments each with a single staff, when you should have one single Piano instrument with two staves.

I added a Grand Piano to your score to illustrate the point, then copied the contents separately for RH and LH notes into the new Grand Piano:

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