Move a Hit

• Jun 10, 2024 - 14:44

Hi - Can someone tell me how to move a hit?
Right now, it's in the middle of the staff and I need it at the top of the staff (bar 28)


Note, that the previous steps that I used no longer work - maybe because of MuseScore updates:

Select the slash(es) (Command + Select) you want to move.
The Inspector window opens in the form of a vertical bar to your right. 
Select fn + F8
Adjust the Y value under the Chord group (even though it’s not a chord that you are adjusting). 
Example: My slash was over the F note at the top of staff. I wanted the slash to be floating over the staff so I adjusted the value to -3.50sp


I think this is what you want?

If you have version 4.x of MuS (and it looks like you do), click on the note you want to move. Open the Properties tab at the upper left. Click on Appearance. Adjust the vertical component of the Offset with the slider bars.

Experiment with it. The vertical component works backwards from what I would expect while the horizontal component works exactly as I expect.

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