Note Input via Fishman Triple Play Connect Midi Guitar Controller

• Jun 17, 2024 - 10:57

I have purchased a Fishman Triple Play Connect midi controller for my guitar. Is it possible for me to enter notes into a Musescore 4 score via my guitar via the Fishman TriplePlay Connect midi controller? Are any plugins from the Musescore 4 end required to accept midi data from the Fishman Tripleplay connect midi controller?

I find entering notes into Musescore 4 via the computer very time consuming. I've also encountered the same issue with other notation software such as Sibellius that I have tried. Can using a midi guitar controller make note input easier or am I dreaming?

Have you come across any other midi controllers that can be used to make the input of notes into Musescore 4 easier than entering notesnvia a computer keyboard?


First connect your MIDI device to the computer and turn the device on.
THEN open MuseScore.
Click the settings button (cogged gear) on the Play toolbar to activate the 'Enable MIDI input' control to write music to your score with the MIDI device.
Use menu item: Edit > Preferences > I/O to see if your MIDI device is listed.
Open a score and enter notes.

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