Key signature problem

• Jun 20, 2024 - 22:41

I try adding a key signature but it ends up with another key signature from the one I selected and it does not give me c# major ( does not appear)
When I pick sharps it gives me flats

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1 Ensure you are not using concert pitch mode to view the score (check the button in bottom right of window)
2) Right click in an empty part of the trumpet staff and select Staff/part properties
3) Select Sharps as the option for Prefer sharps or flats for transposed key signatures - see


4) Add a 5 sharp key signature from the palette.

The default Auto option minimises the number of accidentals in the key signature and so gives 5 flats rather than 7 sharps for a Bb transposing instrument when a 5 sharp (concert) key signature is applied.

As described here

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