Font size of Title

• Jun 23, 2024 - 19:13

Where is font size of the title controlled?
I've made several leadsheets and loaded the same (home grown) style for all of them, which I'd think would make them all look similar. But one of them has a smaller title than the rest. I may have explicitly set the title font size before I started standardizing, but can't figure out where it might be.


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Oh, I see now that you have to right click on the title and select Style, and under TextStyle->Title you can see properties like point size. Unfortunately comparing one file title I think of as "normal" and the smaller one, they both show the same point size and font.

I'm ready to give up, though. Too many charts still to write.
Thank you both for the help....

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Left click on the (small) title in your score, then look in the Properties panel (on the left). That will show the point size of your (small) title. That (small) title could have been expressly changed to be different from "normal" (as shown in Style > Text styles), thereby overriding "normal" in that particular instance.

Style > Text styles > Title is more of a global setting (to which exceptions can be directly made via the Properties panel).

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