• Oct 30, 2008 - 04:26

I'm having trouble with tuplets. After I break up the rest into the tuplet rests, the note cursor gets stuck on the first note of the tuplet and I have to exit then reenter note entry mode or enter each note via mouse click. Using the keyboard, I can enter only one note of the tuplet, and then the cursor just hops along the following rests without entering any notes. The problems carries over to the next measures as well. If I enter the notes via mouse click, then the cursor gets stuck on the last note of the tuplet. If I use any keyboard shortcuts in the following measures, it changes the last note of the tuplet only. Also, are the tuplet brackets supposed to be editable? I can only move them around and not adjust their angles, etc.

Using verison 0.9.3 on Windows XP Media Center



I believe some of these problems you've been having have been fixed. Please try the r1209 prerelease. Editing tuplet brackets is possible from r1211. Unfortunately there is no Windows build for that yet.

I think there are still a few problems with the cursor not being set in the right place after note entry, but please try that version and see what issues remain.

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I downloaded r1216. I can adjust the tuplet brackets now, but the keyboard note-entry shortcuts still don't work inside the tuplets. I was trying to edit the score I was working on yesterday and have had several crashes trying to edit one particular measure. It already has a tuplet in it, but there is no bracket for it. I tried to copy another bracket to paste- it crashed. I tried delete the measure and copy/paste another one into it- it crashed. I tried to just enter the notes again fresh- it crashed. I can upload the file, if you want to check it out. Let me know.


UPDATE: Actually, any edited or newly created tuplet crashes the program now.
UPDATE 2: I rolled back to r1209 and the tuplet measures are crashing that version too, so maybe the file is corrupted or something. If that's the case, that's a bummer- I don't want to have to rewrite this whole thing! :)

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I downloaded r1222. The tuplet handling is much improved. I've found, though, that if I make an entire measure into a tuplet, either half note triplets over a 4/4 bar or quarter note triplets over a 2/4 bar, then I can't enter any notes into the tuplet. Also, if I edit the bars, the tuplet brackets tend to stay put instead of follow the tuplet around the page. It might be nice, too, to have the tuplet brackets reversible like the slurs, etc. If they're always automatic, then they can get in the way of lyrics, etc.

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