Cowell clusters

• Dec 22, 2009 - 01:13

how would I make a Cowell cluster in MuseScore?

is there a way to add my own noteheads?


No way to add your own noteheads for the moment but the prereleases for 0.9.6 has some new noteheads.
Regarding clusters, if you don't care about the playback, you could have something similar by using a line (the last one from the last palette). Double click to change orientation and length. Move it to the right place and change the thickness by right click -> Line properties. (1.05 should be ok)

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great that is sort of what I need
a bug though:
- I create a quarter note in treble clef of a 4/4 piano stave
- drag out a line
- select and right click
- set thickness to 1.0 sp
- I try to move it by selecting but the line object is not able to be clicked on/selected in order to position it over the note

Ubuntu 9.04
MuseScore 0.9.5 revision 2012

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