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• Nov 17, 2014 - 16:26

I just uploaded the Finale of Act I., the Anasazi, about 2 days ago to ON my file in my computer, the sound playback has lots of volume (even though with some distortion). However, I always have a weak volume problem with the playback on I was told by Thomas Bonte that is in MP-3 sound format?! I have to turn my computer volume to 100% and turn the speakers up also to listen on Example, one place in my score has crash cymbals playing on FF dynamic marking. Even that is almost inaudible! The brass is also quite weak in volume. Voices are hardly audible. We all know you can't expect a playback to come close even to an acoustic orchestra etc., but this is extreme. I never have any weak volume problem with other web sites or on on my PC, so don't understand this on
If anyone would like to try my link below , go ahead. However, this link is from my PC file, so may sound OK. Trying Act. I. Finale/Conclusion Hudson/Opera/ Anasazi on would be a better test. If someone has time/incllination to do this, I would appreciate it. Del

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You could try:
Open the mixer.
(mis.52) Cr. Cym. = Room;
(m. 315) Trgl. = Orchestra.
The volume increases slightly.
Right-click on the notes, for example, crash and triangle, Notes properties: velocity type = user;
velocity = 127

Sorry, that's all I can say, but ... Bravo!

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