possible to disable drag scrolling?

• Nov 20, 2014 - 07:58

I have been playing around with MuseScore2. Fantastic program and the output is gorgeous, especially with Bravura. So long Lilypond.

Question, is there a way to disable the mouse drag scrolling of the canvas. This is the single biggest thing I hated about Sibelius and could never get used to it. I constantly find myself accidentally moving the canvas and having to reposition it back. I would prefer a much more "stable" canvas that only moves when I really want to, like when I use the actual scroll bars. Is that possible somehow?


Agreed. Sometimes it is useful to freely scroll the canvas, not always however.

Some time ago (although without much response…: http://musescore.org/en/node/23398) I had a similar idea: I proposed that horizontal scrolling be disabled in 'Page width' mode, and I'd say vertical scrolling is unnecessary in 'Whole page' and 'Two pages' mode, too. For me, free scrolling is only sensible when finetuning elements (zoomed in to 200% for example) or with huge Page dimensions but not in more overview-like zoom states. Similarly, you wouldn't expect a PDF viewer to scroll horizontally when viewing an A4 document in 'Fit width to screen size' mode, would you?

In addition, more sophisticated scroll behaviour would definitely enhance (finger) touchscreen usage of MuseScore, which I would definitely appreciate, too!

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