MuseScore is open but window won't display

• Nov 23, 2014 - 07:35

Win 7, MS1.3

This is a sudden issue after the application had been working very well. I launch MuseScore and the icon appears in my taskbar. mscore.exe appears in the task list. I cannot see a window for it. If it is the only application open, I see the desktop. If I hover the mouse over the icon in the taskbar, I can see a thumbnail of the score that was opened. I have rebooted and tried again.

Please help


- right click over the icon in the taskbar: Resize or enlarge
- right-click on the desktop: Monitor Settings, verify if you are using a second monitor.

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thanks - your suggestion didn't quite work but got me on the path to the solution. I think the version of windows has changed some behaviour in the taskbar. Right clicking the icon in the taskbar offers for me to close or pin the application or to choose the to open the recently used files.

I did remember then the keyboard shortcut to right-click the title bar. 1st I had to alt-tab to the window so that it was in focus and then alt-space - this gave me the menu to move the window, which I could do with the arrow keys across and down.

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