How to undo drumnotation

• Nov 24, 2014 - 15:01

I have -accidently - pressed the drumset button on the mixer panel, where the parts are displayed.
I have 2 parts, 1 is piano-1 and the other pian-2 (I write arrangements for 2 piano's!).
Now suddenly piano-2 displays drum notation together with the notes but I cannot get it back to normal notation. I know it's not very clever but how can I undo it?? I have one part (in the 2-part display) that I cannot edit anymore. Please help me out!!

I'm still working with version 1.3 as 2.0-beta won't work in my ubuntu 14.04. Hopefully Toby can help me out with this different subject.
Thanks in advance,


I tried to reproduce (but attach your score would help), try this:
Click on a note> Select all Similar Elements;
Then Note properties/Head Type > choose "normal"

hope this helps

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Thanks!! You're my saviour. I got already the advice to copy the part from an older saved version but this simply is the solution. I think some addition to the manual with this trick - and I assume there are many more tricks not in the manual - are priceless for the user community. And for me it is a reason to revert less to Finale as I begin to discover the many good points in Musescore (e.g. the use of the space bar to start and stop playing). Maybe you know also a good trick to put quickly the notes in a chord ( In Finale I could use the interval number e.g. 3 for a third) .
Thanks again,

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