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• Jan 12, 2010 - 01:03

Just thought I'd let you know that I've created a couple of brief tutorial videos for MuseScore. They are part of a series titled Musescore in 10 easy steps and they'll cover the basics of score setup, the MuseScore screen, note entry etc. I'll be creating the remaining videos in the series in the near future as soon as I find the time! Subscribe on my blog, YouTube or Vimeo to get informed.

All the best,
Katie Wardrobe


I appreciate the video tutorials
they are very clear and well done
would love to see some more intermediate tutorials in the future
when you have time
keep up the great work!

I looked at some of the work you have done. Congratulations. What I saw is very good. You have a clear presentation ability. Best of luck.

The music you use does not seem to me to be all MIDI generated via a MS score. If I may be so bold, I would love to see an end result using only MS. (or am I wrong?).


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Thanks for your comments.
I think you're referring to the theme music I use for the video? It's actually a Garageband loop since I neede something that was copyright free to use. I'm not really a composer (I arrange and do copying work) so I don't have anything original of my own. Besides that, I use the same theme for all of my tutorial videos for consistency and they include non-Musescore videos. I have a series of Sibelius videos and will be doing other programs in the near future too. Thanks for the suggestion though!
All the best,

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