Search on "lead sheets" (or other criteria)

• Dec 22, 2014 - 19:15

It would be very handy to be able to filter search results by criteria such as "lead sheet" - especially on a portable device. I find that if I'm looking for a lead sheet I have to check out many different versions before I find the one I'm needing. It's important on a mobile device because the screen space is limited and the only thing that's really practical is a lead sheet.


I suppose you could use a naming convention for your score file names - for example, prefix lead sheets with LS-, like this: LS-Song.mscz

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Thanks Jon - that would work on files that I create but I'm looking for a means to narrow the search when I'm searching the online database. I can search by "instrument", for example, and on "number of instruments", but I'm wanting to filter on a category like "lead sheet". A natural place to add that filter would be in the "number of instruments" group. In fact, "lead sheet with melody" and "lead sheet without melody" would be two very useful filters.

We are thinking how we can refine search and score categories. This includes a "lead sheet" category. Expect some changes in 2015.

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