Add drum notes in non-percussion staff

• Dec 27, 2014 - 13:25

I was transcribing a SATB piece with an unpitched percussion staff. Attached is a snippet of what I should have (not transcribed in MuseScore). This is a part of a voice staff. How can I enter this and export the midi in such a way that the hi-hat like sound would be audible in the exported file?

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For adding unpitched percussion sounds to a pitched staff, along with audible playback of the percussion, there is a more detailed discussion here:

and (further down in the same post):

Basically, in MuseScore 1.3, you want to choose an instrument like trumpet - which can play muted or unmuted - and therefore can have different sounds assigned to a note. This way, you can enter your notes and then change the audible (playback) sounds in the mixer.

Here's another related post:


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