No Midi From Nightly

• Jan 4, 2015 - 17:21

For some unknown reason I'm getting no midi output from the nightly. It works fine with Ver 2., Beta 2. And the other thing, I had sound yesterday. I rebooted, reinstalled my sound driver and checked for any changes in Preferences. Any idea? I can revert back to yesterdays configuration but wanted to check here first.


Without a bit more detail, the reason will remain unknown but I'm willing to bet you can get plenty guesses. What OS, MuseScore version (the Nightly number), what have you got (un)checked in your I/O under Edit->Preferences and is it different from previously?

There is no MIDI output from MuseScore - unless you have JACK installed and have configured MuseScore appropriately.

We need more detail here....

Nightly version
Configuration details

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