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• Jan 7, 2015 - 20:31

In nightly build f22515c:
1) Edit > Preferences
2) "Start with score" window shows ":/data/My_First_Score.mscz"
3) Click browse icon to navigate to alternative score
4) Nothing happens!

If I clear the window, or simply delete the file name from the path, the browse icon works.

Not sure if it's a bug or simply my lack of understanding, again :(


"Clear the window". Do you mean exit the window and try again?

The button works as expected for me with my custom-built nightly under Win8.1u1 64bit. However after selecting a new score, Apply/OK, exit and reload MS, I still get "my first score" again. If I check Prefs again before quitting, the score path/name I selected is still shown.

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No - keep the window open, but delete the existing path.

In fact all I need to do is remove the file name. In other words if I edit:
the browse button then works OK.

This only shows up on my XP computer; my Windows 7 lap top is OK. So it's no big deal, and easily worked around.

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I have to delete all of the file name. Deleting just the extension, or some characters from the file name, doesn't work.

Exactly the same behaviour occurs with:
Edit > Preferences > Score > Instrument list 1:

I have to edit
back to
before the browse button does anything.

In both places the replacement path and file are retained correctly when restarting MuseScore.

Other info:
1) Cutting the initial path and file name from the field, then pasting it back in again, doesn't rectify the problem.

2) Clicking the browse button causes an "hourglass" symbol to appear very briefly (<0.1s) and the Preferences window to flash, even though no browse window then appears.

I realise XP is not supported, and there's an easy work around, so it's no big deal!

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