Broken file picker with GTK+ style when starting empty

• Feb 11, 2010 - 20:44

MuseScore svn revision 2703 on Ubuntu 9.10
Qt 4.6.1

Unsure whether this is a Qt or a MuseScore bug, so reporting it here first:

With the GTK+ style, the filepicker opens in an unusable state unless a score is loaded e.g from the "open recent" list. The native Qt filepicker which is used with other styles is not affected, but the GTK+ style is nice, because it blends with the surrounding GNOME environment.


1. Go to Edit / Preferences / General, set "Program Start" to [x] "Start empty" and "Style" to "GTK+";
2. Close and reopen MuseScore;
3. Open the filepicker (Ctrl+O).
4. Dismiss the filepicker and load a score e.g. from the "Open recent" list or generate a score using a plugin.
5. Open the filepicker again.

Actual results: the filepicker in Step 3 is broken (screenshot attached).

Expected results: the filepicker in Step 3 is fully usable like in Step 5.

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mscore_broken_gtk_filepicker.png 92.97 KB


I see what happens. If MuseScore starts empty, it consumes 100% CPU, independently of the Qt style. The CPU load drops to almost zero immediately after a score is loaded. GTK filepicker is just not thrifty enough to work properly with the small rest of CPU cycles it gets.

MuseScore r2732.

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