Lyrics export to Lilypond - system breaks not included, lyrics below system, additional hbox text not included 0.9.6 / 2674

• Feb 16, 2010 - 18:13

It was great to see export of lyrics to Lilypond.

1. At the moment, it looks like the system breaks are not included with the export (these would appear in the Lilypond file as \break).

This is not necessarily a problem or limitation of the lyrics export itself. It is just that now lyrics are in we can potentially use export instead of post-processing the msc file to do our own limited Lilypond export, and of course breaks in systems can be much more obviously in an undesirable place when lyrics are present.

Does anyone know if this a planned limitation, future feature, on the current list, or an actual new bug?

2. A second question specific to the lyrics concerns the output order. Lyrics in our sample show up between the treble clef and the bass clef, which is where we would like them. In Lilypond export, they drop below the system. We can hand edit or process the Lilypond file to move them, but it would be nice for them to either appear in the same place as the msc, or have an option as to where to place them.

Does anyone know if this is just something in our setup (could not see any options), a general limitation or feature, or again a bug?

3. We also have been creating meta data within MuseScore by inserting an HBox into the existing VBox, and adding hidden text to it. A couple examples of data we include are the meter and the key, but it is very good to have the ability to add arbitrary data to the file with no program changes (rather than just adding additional obscure fields).

It would be very handy to have some way of getting data like this through to the Lilypond file, even in the form of comments in the file containing the raw data. It would be wonderful for an equivalent ability to also be included in Lilypond export. I'm guessing this is more likely a feature request than a bug report, but I'm not sure what the intended functionality might be with regard to extra text within the Msc file.

Thank you for an amazing product. It is getting very close to the point where all the features will be in place for it to be very widely used.



I'm sorry I neglected to include the platform where we experienced the above behaviour. It is XP SP3 (though the main target for us is Debian/Ubuntu 10.04).

Thanks again for any suggestions.

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