upload problem - empty measure ? notes without stems? no barline ?

• Feb 17, 2015 - 16:35

Thomas told me to post this problem here. The original posting is:

Here's the problem:
When I tried to upload a piece (see attachment) I got the following error message:
"We're sorry but your score could not be processed.
This may be due to
* complete empty measure
* notes without stems
* last measure has no barline ".

The piece does have empty measures (ie just rests), but many pieces have a measure or two of silence. Of course, it could be something else.

Does anyone find anything strange in this piece that would cause the upload problem? Also when you do find the strange thing(s) please tell me how you found it so I can find these things in the future.

Some details:
* using Windows 7
* using Mozilla Firefox
* using musescore 1.3

Thanks very much for any assistance with this.
Regards, barry

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VariationsHinduMantra.mscz 69.62 KB


Granted that I am not qualified ;-)
I tried to retouch the last system (staff) by inserting a measure and eliminating the last (original).
I do not know if it will work, but you can try.
(Also try to delete all the line breaks)

I'm curious: Why make all annotations "invisible" but not deselect View> Show invisible?

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VariationsHinduMantra B.mscz 69.55 KB

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I tried uploading it and got the same error. I may have to go back to older versions and see if I can "bracket the problem". Morale of the story: back up often!

Regarding making annotations "invisible", I usually do that to make the score less cluttered looking. So I have hidden pedal and tempo changes, etc. There's also "notes to self" or things that have rough harmonies. This is a work-in-progress so its pretty rough.

Thanks for trying to help. It is very appreciated!
Regards, barry

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Hi Shoichi,
That gave the same error. Thanks for trying something! I really appreciate it.

I'm going to start uploading older versions and see if they work. Then if they do, I'll bracket the problem (ie find one version that loads and next version that does not load).

So, if you see many, many uploads it's not that I suddenly got productive.
Thanks to all for their help.

PS: it would be nice to figure out what went wrong. I really, really, really dread the thought of having to re-enter the notes.

OK. I've got a version 234 that uploads OK and version 235 that does NOT upload.

If you look at bar 124 you will see some 10-tuplets added on the left hand. In bar 125 there is NO rest in the bass cleff. I deleted the bar 125 and re-added the notes and it uploaded!!!

Thanks to all for their help!!!
I guess I'll go public with the WIP even though it's still rough ....

I got the same problem sometimes, using 1.3 5702

Was able to solve it by 1- making every thing "visible", 2- adding some measures, 3- saving, 4-reloading and only then 5- deleting the end measures again. Worked for me!


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I found that it's always good to make backup copies in case something is corrupted. I usually name the backup with file extensions that sequentially increase. So if a piece is called "Etude.mscz" the backup versions will be "Etude.m000", "Etude.m001", etc.

Then it's good to post the pieces to make sure they're OK without some goofy errors, but keep them "private" since they're probably "not ready for prime time".

From what I can tell, this error surfaced when I cut and pasted a measure. It seems the the original measure had a rest deleted. That is for a 4 beat measure only 2 beats for a voice were accounted for.

I'm sure the musescore people will add something to minimize this happening in the future!

Have a good day!

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