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• Feb 19, 2015 - 08:04

I'm sure this is not a bug, but just my ignorance of all the new sheet music terminology and usage. I'm fresh at learning how to play piano.

I have a before and after adding an F minor key signature to the measure. Musescore automatically added the natural on the A note. I'm not sure why as that note should be a flat per the key signature. I don't mean to waste everyone's time, if this is a musical theory principle, if you could provide the term it's called and I can research more on my own.

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Looking at your posted image, it shows that an F major chord was initially entered - with the key signature C major/A minor.
After which, simply changing the existing clef will not change the pitches of previously entered notes. So, the F major chord is still present - denoted by the natural sign on the A note.

Had you entered an Ab in your first chord (i.e. an F minor triad), then the natural would *not* have appeared when changing to the F minor key signature. Rather, the flat sign would be eliminated, as per the key signature.

See attachment.

Regards, and welcome aboard.

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Thank you for that attachment, I see what you are saying. Placing the notes, then the key signature, preserves the original note pitches. Versus placing the key signature, then the notes, which would apply the key signature to all new notes.

It seems so simple, can't believe I missed it. Thanks for the response, and I'm enjoying using MuseScore so far.

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