MuseScore will only open once after installation

• Feb 24, 2015 - 05:40

Hi there

hope you can help - no doubt it's my particularly useless computer being its usual buggy self, but after a few months of relatively trouble-free operation, suddenly and without explanation MuseScore 1.3 will only start once, immediately after installation. Subsequent attempts to use the program, either by navigating to MuseScore files and attempting to open them, or by clicking on program shortcuts, or even navigating to the executable itself, meet with - well, nothing. No splashscreen, no error message, no blue circle, just... nothing.

When I reinstall, the programme launches, and does so with my file history etc intact. Once. Am a regular user, so would rather not have to reinstall the prog before each use!!





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Hi Shoichi

here's some more info -

I did indeed check the forums and couldn't find a report that was sufficiently similar to my problem to look promising.

I'm running v1.3 revision 5702 on Windows 8.1 32-bit (ASUS transformer t100).

Have now tried factory reset (doesn't seem to have worked),

Also reset all permissions on AVG and created an exception for MuseScore, no help.

I have discovered that I am able to run musescore as an administrator.

Thanks for the help!!


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Hi Thomas (and Shoichi)

have attempted to reset to factory settings using the instructions provided, with no effect.

Have looked at my virus protection (AVG) - no mention of MuseScore anywhere that I can see.

One new piece of info is that the program WILL run if I navigate to the location of mscore.exe and run it as an administrator. So perhaps I've unwittingly changed the permissions?? Any further help would be really helpful.

Also, apologies if I've put this report in the wrong place. I understand that maintenance on 1.3 has stopped, but nonetheless I'm loath to download the beta at this point (as per advice pointed out by shoichi) because I don't feel like I currently have the luxury of being able to change how I'm currently working with MuseScore.

Thanks again in advance


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